TELL - Technology, Education, Learn and Lunch

Technology is an unstoppable revolution that has developed and increased our capabilities for a much easier life to what we are today. It has gone through rigorous upgradation being better and better every moment. What was once the latest and greatest yesterday, is old hat today. The bottom line is, technology doesn’t wait for you and if your organization isn’t keeping up with it, you will surely be left in the dust by one of your competitors. World is changing with technology and hence, we have to be in line with the progressive movement.

Speroni brings you TELL, an advanced training program inspired by the phrase, “the more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in battle.”

It takes you on a Technology Education ride here you enhance your skills in Tool Measuring by learning the techniques from basic to the lat-est trends in the industry. This advanced skills set makes you prominent in handling Tool Pre-setters & getting the maximum benefits for your company.

Key Learning aspects:

  • Refresh basic tool measuring usage.
  • Preventive maintenance & do’s and don’ts
  • Latest industrial trends in brief
  • Industry based practical assignments for developing operational skills benefiting company.


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