What is a twin boring bar?

In a twin boring bar, the Roughing and finishing boring is carried out by the same Tool which reduces production time as well as setting time. Since both roughing and finishing Tools rotate in the same axis, concentricity related problems will not be there at all.

Challenges in twin boring bar

In a twin boring bar, the setting of the Tool is a big challenge …

The finishing insert needs to be set a few microns higher than the roughing insert.

Roughing insert enters first and enlarges the hole by removing a larger portion of the material.

Finishing insert which enters behind the roughing insert removes a lesser amount of material, whereby better size-control and better surface-finish are achieved.

For this, the most essential aspect is to set both the inserts in relation to each other very precisely.

This requires high-quality setting equipment to eliminate even minute errors taking place.


Such an insert needs to be set precisely on the Speroni machine.

With the use of SMART FUNCTION available in the Speroni machine.

The roughing insert can be set very precisely and it will not be inaccurately higher than the finishing insert in terms of height.

Resulting in proper balancing of load on both the inserts according to the requirements and it will lead to a better finish and increased Tool life.

Speroni Tool pre-setter with smart function helps operator what Tool needs to be set for a better finish and Tool life.

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