Hoshi Tools Pvt. Ltd.,   is one of the prominent names in manufacturing of special tools, profile tools, complicated tools etc.   Situated in Bangalore’s  most prominent industrial hub, Peenya Industrial Estate, Hoshi Tools led by Mr Vasu (CEO) are most relied upon for their ability and expertise in development of special tools for critical machining operations like oil and gas brewing. 

Company’s success story involves development of cutter for special cutting process of oil and gas brewing.   “This success was achieved after sustained efforts and because of our strong belief in the world-class technology”, recalls Mr Vasu.  “Most critical task was to maintain the OD / ID of the job.  It was not easy.  We experienced a series of failures, because tool measurement and setting at customer’s end was critical aspect.  The customer, for whom we developed these special tools experienced the issue of accuracy and repeatability of tool measurement, on the presetter he was using.

Finally we conducted tool measurement and setting on Speroni machine.  Speroni extended all the required help.  Especially their team took sincere efforts to meet this challenge.  Their efforts showed astonishingly accurate results.  The challenge of maintaining OD/ID was easily overcome because the tool geometry and accuracy was perfectly measured on the Speroni machine.”  Mr Vasu exudes with confidence saying that Speroni gives  distinct advantage of  precision, higher repeatability and consistency in tool inspection and measuring. “This has increased confidence at our customer’s end and we are happy with the support extended by Speroni Team and for proving the entire process and paying frequent visits to train the staff.

Tool Measuring Solution

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